About Us

Eric and Michelle has achieved many honorable status, including REBGV Medallion team Top 1% status and top producers in the company. Eric and Michelle is currently Leaders of the Eric and Michelle Real Estate Team and having over 11+ members working together in all parts of the sale process. They are one of the 10+ teams within the company, working along TOGETHER with many other regional leaders for more market exposure.

Individual achievements include

*REBGV Medallion Top 1% Team 2017 2018

*Company Top individual 2014

*Promoted to Deputy General Manager of his company 2015, 2016

*Company Top 10 Gold award in 2017

*Company Top 8 Gold Awrad in 2018.

*Company 2019 Best Rookie Team leader and Rookie Team of the Year Award

 To contact us, call 778.388.8884 for Eric Ho PREC or Michelle Ao PREC 778.709.7180
You may email us at [email protected]

Eric Ho & Michelle Ao